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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your software?

Listing your Golf Outing is free!

Is ezGolfOutings web based?


How long will it take to get my outing listed?

That’s mostly up to you! We reckon most folks get up and running in 5-10 minutes

How do I select the Golf Course for my Outing?

We have a database of over 15,000 golf courses. It's easy to identify the Golf Course that is hosting your Outing. And the benefits of doing so are compelling -- once we know which Golf Course you are using then your prospective golfers get easily get directions.

Can I define all the golfing and sponsorship options available in my outing?

Absolutely. The Create an Outing function is very simple to use and allows you to define and configure all aspects of your outing. You can define your golf playing options and any type of sponsorship.

This may include the popular Dinner Only or more advanced sponsorships that include golf (for example, we often see a Platinum Sponsor, which includes signage and a couple of foursomes). You can do it all using!

Why should I use ezGolfOutings?

At we have all been heavily involved in Outing Committees. We all know about using spreadsheets, reviewing registration forms, and then trying to gather this all up to let the golf course know the final number. By using EZGolfOutings, spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Everything is centralized and available via a desktop, phone or tablet. You’ll never look back!

Do you protect the privacy of registered users?

Absolutely, we take personal privacy very seriously. Check out our Privacy Policy.

What if I receive a registration form and check, can I enter this information into

Yes. One of the Outing Planner features is to enter “offline” registrations and sponsorships. Then you can get a complete picture and be in total control of your Outing.

Can I track payments?

Yes! The Outing Planner, which normally includes all the Committee Members, has complete control over tracking payments received. This includes golfer and sponsor payments.

The Outing Summary function provides a clear snapshot of your entire Outing, showing exactly who has registered, who has paid, and a financial summary oif your complete event. will link a sponsorship option that includes golfers, so that when the sponsorship is paid then the associated golfers are marked as paid as well.

Can I manage the foursomes?

Absolutely. The Outing Planner has complete control and can move golfers from one foursome to another. can then be used to print out a golf roster to be used as a registration check-in on the day of the outing.

Does send out reminders?

Yes. We currently have email reminders that get sent to all the registered golfers 7 days before your Outing. Another email will be sent the day before your Outing.

There are no excuses for your golfers to forget your Outing! No more no-shows!

Do you charge for customer service?


Do you offer online credit card payments?

Yes. allows golfers and sponsors to sign-up and checkout using a credit card or PayPal. This is an optional feature that you do not have to sign-up for. When using this option, payment processing fees may apply. Payment Processing Fees

We will be looking into offering this service in later releases. If this is something you are looking for please Contact Us

If I sign-up this year do you have a “copy” feature so I can easily setup my outing for next year?

Yes! This is obviously a great feature for all outing organizers. Quickly clone an existing outing and you are ready to go!

Useful Information

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